Top tips on managing your finances

13 November, 2020

Top tips on managing your finances, accessing support and making the most of your earnings – supported by Journalists’ Charity.

Write up by Lara von der Brelie

Journalism can be a competitive industry in the best of times, but 2020 has brought unprecedented challenges.  In partnership with Journalists’ Charity, WIJ hosted a panel session to discuss ways in which journalists can better manage their finances, plan for the future and get support in the turbulent months ahead. The expert panel included:

  • Top accountants Andrew Subramaniam and Barry Kernon from HW Fisher’s industry-leading authors and journalists (@HWFWriters)
  • James Brindle, chief executive of the Journalists’ Charity. (@JournoCharity)
  • Faye Watts, founding partner at FUSE Accountants and co-founder of online magazine Audrey, a website for women who know there is more to life.
  • In the chair was BBC Radio and TV presenter Frances Finn (@francesfinnshow)

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