Being a journalist can be tough. There’s an enormous amount of pressure that comes with having ideas, doing research, carrying out fact checking, meeting deadlines, and taking responsibility for what you publish.

The hours are often unsociable, shift patterns can be disruptive, and many roles are temporary.  At a time when the industry is adapting to changing trends and audience habits, you might feel less secure about your future. And for some, high travel and housing costs are sending stress levels soaring. In fact, more and more journalists are coming forward with a range of mental health conditions.

There are moments when it means so much that there are people there to stop us falling. This is one of them.


The Journalists’ Charity is on hand to offer friendly help and advice if you’re struggling. You can count on us to respect your privacy, and anything you share with us will be treated confidentially. And if we can’t help directly, our trusted partner organisations offer a range of specialist support.

Sometimes in life things happen when you least expect them to. You might have an accident on your way to the office, fall ill and need to take time off work, or disaster might hit you out of nowhere. When times get tough and you feel there’s nowhere else to turn the Journalists’ Charity is here for you. We can provide financial support, and even same day emergency assistance in extreme circumstances.

Our criteria to be eligible for financial help from the Charity is that you must have worked as a journalist in the UK or for a UK organisation for at least 2 continuous years out of the last 5 years or for 7 years in total (if not current) and journalism was the main source of your income during that period.  If you fit this criteria please access the form below.

Please read our Privacy Statement before applying for financial assistance

Alternatively you can download and print an application form here. Or for help, advice, and guidance around an application you can call our contact number or email

As we’re a small charity, we’re not contactable out of office hours. But if you’re in crisis and struggling to cope, please get in touch with the Samaritans which understands the pressures of working in journalism. Freecall: 116 123

Thank you for helping me and my very young children out of what can only be described as a living nightmare. We are eternally grateful.


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