Starting a new job in journalism can be expensive and challenging, especially if you’re burdened with debt from your studies. The Journalists’ Charity’s First Jobs Fund is designed to offer support as you start your career, helping you focus on what matters – being a great journalist during these challenging times.

Who can get help?

The fund is only for new journalists who are struggling financially with essential costs. You’ll either be working full-time in journalism or about to start a new job with a firm offer of employment. If you’ve been a journalist for more than two years, the fund isn’t for you, but you might qualify for other forms of financial assistance from the charity.

What does the fund cover?

The fund will offer support with essential costs such as accommodation, moving home, transport and essential work-related equipment.

Charlie is hoping to move from Durham to London for his first permanent job after freelancing. He can just about to afford to pay rent, but he’s really struggling to make the deposit. He’s asking for a contribution towards the £1200 needed.

Adele is working as a full-time freelance after recently completing her postgraduate degree. She has plenty of broadcast and digital work lined up, but new kit would make it much easier for her to get shifts. She’s asking for around £800 to help.

To qualify for the First Jobs Fund:

  • You should be in your first job or have an offer letter from an employer.
  • Or, you will be able to provide evidence that you’ve been a full-time journalist for less than two years, although you might have been employed via more than one fixed term contract.
  • Or, if you’re starting your career as a freelance, you’ll need to prove you earn your main income from journalism and you’ll also need to provide evidence of your work.
  • Whatever your employment circumstances, you’ll need to demonstrate your financial need by providing relevant information to guide decision making.
  • If you’ve been working as a journalist for more than two years, you might qualify for help under the charity’s general financial assistance programme. Click here for more information.

All the information you provide is confidential and subject to the charity’s privacy and data policies.

What happens next?

After you’ve submitted your application, the information you provide will be collated and assessed before being considered by trustees who will then make a decision. It might take up to four weeks before we let you know the outcome, so please be patient. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

General Assistance

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