Life without journalism

31 July, 2020

The Journalists’ Charity is renewing its drive to recognise and celebrate the role of journalism as Covid-19 continues to seriously impact life across the UK.

Since the beginning of lockdown, journalists have played a vital role in delivering information to audiences, as well as providing insight and scrutiny at a time of unprecedented national importance.

The economic fallout from the outbreak has left many journalists facing an uncertain future with widespread redundancies announced across the industry, as well as a significant decline in the number of freelance opportunities.

During the last few months, the charity has helped a huge number of journalists whose lives have been turned upside down because of the impact of Covid-19. For many, the emergency assistance provided by the charity has been a lifeline, helping to pay bills and put food on the table.

As the charity stands ready to help more journalists who find themselves struggling through tough times, it will continue to show its support to the industry during this period of intense challenge.

Launching the latest stage of the campaign which will run in print, online, and on social media, the charity’s CEO, James Brindle said…

“Journalism is facing an enormous challenge at a time when it is arguably needed more than ever before.

“During lockdown, members of the public told us how much they valued the role played by journalists, and it’s encouraging to see that in some cases that sentiment is being translated into real support.

“But for the vast majority of publishers, the reality is incredibly tough, and hard decisions are being made that will affect the lives of journalists, as well as the overall journalistic landscape.

“The charity will do all it can to support journalists and journalism, and that includes offering help and support to individuals, as well as being a cheerleader for the vital role that journalists play, recognising the importance of the industry to our free and fair society.”

You can add your support to our appeal on twitter @JournoCharity, you can find us on facebook, – ‘the Journalists’ Charity’. If you’re a publisher or editor and want to feature our ad, please DM us, or drop James an email – You can apply for help here. Or if you want to make a donation your support will go towards helping journalists struggling because of the Covid-19 outbreak.