Thank you from our beneficiaries: your support is making a real difference.

25 June, 2020

The Journalists’ Charity has been supporting an unprecedented number of individuals over the last few months whose lives have been turned upside down by Covid-19. Your donations have helped to provide a lifeline for the journalists whose work stopped overnight, with many still facing a very uncertain future.

John’s a successful freelance in the West Midlands…

…regularly contributing to most major newspapers, but all his work dried up at the end of March. There was a long wait to get help from the government’s scheme for the self-employed and John couldn’t afford to pay his mortgage or feed his family. The charity stepped in, providing emergency payments to help him make ends meet.

“These funds have made a massive difference to me, not just in helping me pay my bills but in giving me breathing space to rethink the different areas I can pitch to for work. A couple of suggestions look as if they’re coming to fruition, so fingers crossed!  Absolute lifesaver!”

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Sally and her partner from Sussex are both journalists…

…and found themselves struggling to find enough work during the outbreak. They fall through the cracks when it comes to government assistance schemes so aren’t eligible for support. The charity’s helped pay rent and bills during the last few months to help Sally’s family get by.

“Thank you so much for this, it really makes a huge difference to me.  Thanks again for all your help – I’m extremely grateful to the Journalists’ Charity!

Mohammed’s a disabled journalist working part time in Scotland… 

…and because he’s vulnerable, has been self-isolating with his young family during lockdown and hasn’t been able to work. Universal Credit hasn’t been enough to cover all the household bills so the charity stepped in to fill the gap with emergency payments.

“Thank you for your support, truly. That is amazing. Thank you so much, my wife is in tears of gratitude. And I am close to being the same. This will make a huge difference to our lives. THANK YOU again – I am grinning all over my face.”

Theresa’s a freelance journalist and single parent from South West England… 

…and when lockdown started, all her work stopped. While Theresa was waiting for her Universal Credit claim to come through, the charity helped with living expenses and utility payments.

“Thank you so much, this is an absolute lifeline. When I am back in good financial shape I will repay you. I will never forget this kindness. A million thank yous. I am crying with gratitude and relief. It is a big deal to get help. When you are all grown up you just don’t expect the cavalry to arrive!”

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If you’re struggling to make ends meet because of the impact of Covid-19, the Journalists’ Charity is here to offer advice and support. Click here to see how we could help you, and for our comprehensive coronavirus resource go to