Webinar for Journalists’ Charity supporters in Wales

1 April, 2020

You can watch the highly-informative Webinar run by the Journalists’ Charity in Wales to provide on-line help for freelance journalists, broadcasters and small independent producers who are facing difficult times because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Experts from the media recruitment, legal, training and business sectors offered key advice and guidance for those hoping to take advantage of the new government support initiatives for those whose  jobs have been affected by the crisis.

Taking part were: David Thomas, a highly experienced trainer and freelance guru;  Simon Rice-Burrell Senior Partner, Eversheds Sutherlands, a UK expert on “Furloughing” and employment law;  Amanda Fone,  leading Media specialist at f1 recruitment;  and Heather Myers, CEO South and Mid Wales Chamber of Trade.

Watch it HERE 

The event has been organised by the Journalists’ Charity in Wales, and is hosted by David Thomas Media Ltd.