The Journalists’ Charity has launched a new campaign to recognise the role of journalists reporting on the war in Ukraine

11 March, 2022

An evolution of the charity’s lockdown initiative in 2020, the message reinforces the importance of journalism as a cornerstone of our free and fair society.

While Russian citizens have lost the last remnants of their free press, British journalists are risking their lives to report the truth about the conflict.

Supported by national print, digital and broadcast titles, the charity’s campaign reflects the ongoing effort to keep the public informed with facts, despite the very real risks involved in reporting from a war zone.

Launching the drive, the charity’s CEO James Brindle said: “Journalists are putting themselves in harms way to bear witness to the truths of this war. It’s right that we praise their dedication and bravery. 

This conflict reminds us that British journalism is a prized asset that we should value and cherish. Journalists and their crews are risking their lives in the course of their duties, and while we hope that all will return safely, many will undoubtedly come home bearing the scars of war. Here, the charity stands ready to offer help and assistance to those who have been impacted.  

I want to thank colleagues from across the industry for sharing this message with us. This tragic conflict reinforces my firm belief that journalism has never been more important to society.”