Join us: show your support for journalists & journalism

30 May, 2020

The Journalists’ Charity has launched a drive aimed at celebrating the role of journalists from all sectors during the Covid-19 crisis, highlighting the ongoing efforts to keep audiences up to date with the latest information and developments.

The print and digital ads are being backed by a number of regional and national titles as well as the Society of Editors.

Launching the drive, the charity’s CEO, James Brindle said…

“For millions of people in this country, the idea of living through lockdown without journalism is simply unthinkable. Journalists have been working tirelessly to serve their audiences at a time when their normal working lives have been turned upside down, and many are facing an uncertain future.

The coverage of this crisis shows the depth and quality of British journalism, from the national titles which continue to set the agenda, to the local and regional outlets which make a difference day in, day out, to the communities they serve. In so many ways, journalists are providing an essential service and it’s right that we acknowledge and celebrate this vital role.

What’s particularly encouraging is hearing from members of the public who’ve been in touch to share their support for journalists at this crucial time, with many pledging generous donations to support our efforts to help those who’ve found themselves in dire straits.” 

You can add your support to our appeal on twitter @JournoCharity, you can find us on facebook, – ‘the Journalists’ Charity’. If you’re a publisher or editor and want to feature our ad, please DM us, or drop James an email – You can apply for help here. Or if you want to make a donation your support will go towards helping journalists struggling because of the Covid-19 outbreak.