14 July, 2021

Tortoise: What’s different about us is slow news. We don’t do breaking news, but what’s driving the news. We don’t cover every story, but reveal a few. We take the time to see the fuller picture, to make sense of the forces shaping our future, to investigate what’s unseen.

We’re not going to cover press conferences. We’re not racing after breaking news. We’re not going to recreate the old structures in newsrooms: political editors, economics editors, etc.

We will, though, make commitments to you. We’ll show you our workings. We’ll let you know when we’ve fallen short. We’ll front up when we’ve campaigned hard but got nowhere. We will see stories through. Don’t be surprised if you find a moral at the end. We don’t just report on stories; we take an interest in them. We care what happens next.