Enjoy the magical 2020 Journalists’ Carols

21 December, 2020

Enjoy the magical 2020 Journalists’ Carols

Welcome to a rather different looking Journalists’ Carols for 2020, once again brought to you by Luther Pendragon which continues to kindly support the Journalists’ Charity.

While Covid-19 has changed life as we once knew it, we still wanted to be able to share the magic of carols at St Bride’s with you at this special time.

Recorded in accordance with social distancing guidelines, you’re about to enjoy classic carols with contemporary compositions – featuring some of the country’s biggest names in journalism.

This year the Journalists’ Charity has helped hundreds of journalists affected by Covid-19 while we’ve had to abandon most of our fundraising efforts.

If you’d like to donate to support our vital work there are opportunities around tonight’s performance. Or, you can give anytime at www.journalistscharity.org.uk/donate

Thank you, enjoy the show, and Merry Christmas!

The Journalists’ Charity