Thanks and congratulations to everyone who entered the Journalists’ Charity/Dickens Fellowship competition to find a new Dickens character for the 21st century. There were almost 300 entries in the competition to mark the 150th anniversary of the great writer’s death.

The competition was used to raise awareness (and funds) for the Journalists’ Charity which, having begun his career as a freelance Parliamentary reporter, Dickens helped found over 155 years ago.

Here a randomly selected 150 of the entries…which does, in fact, include the Judges’ top twenty are read by Journalists’ Charity trustee, Charles Garside, who wants everyone to know that the judging panel made their decisions only on the written submissions not on his rendition of them!

So much effort had gone into them by so many people he thought that, with the socially distanced aid of his son, photographer and creative director, James Garside, he would use his lockdown to record one for each year of the anniversary.

The winning entry…Barbara Copeland by David Whewell can be found in Volume five at number 59.

The other short listed entries were:
Mattie Merrywinkle by Annie White: Volume One…number 1
Sylvia Woodward by Laura Tapper: Volume Four…number 43
Belinda Goshawk by Helena Young: Volume Twelve and a half…number 148
Ira, the hospital porter by Liz Hannam: Volume Twelve and a half…number 150

Volume One.

1. Mattie Merrywinkle by Annie White
2. Mr Pendledump by Tamara Roberts
3. Dizzy Doddle by Araf Chohan
4. She by Peter Hughes
5. He by William Cornthwaite
6. Julia by Jody Bradshaw
7. Mr Frank by Janice English
8. Birdy by Unknown Author
9. Fennel Green by Charlotte Corrigan
10. Aloysius Shard by Patrick Hogan
11. Roger Federer by Simon Carroll
12. Boris by Sheena Blackhall

Volume Two.

13. Rishi Moneytree by John Knox
14. Jacob Rees Mogg by Brian Goldfarb
15. Mr Charles Spender by Vanessa Rea
16. Dr Blunt by Aimee Chan
17. Neil Sharington by Carrie-Anne Taylor
18. Nowhereman by Diana Lilford
19. The Admirable Major Vinton Hall by Mavis Ellis
20. Mr Holliworth by Patrick Ost
21. Mr Doosucre by Deborah Siddoway
22. Annabelle Sprogg by Kathryn Simmonds
23. Lil by Valerie Moyses
24. Davey Boy Plummer by Natasha Vidler

Volume Three.

25. Ryan Goldenchild by Freya Eden-Ellis
26. Chris Whitty by Steve Mason
27. Belinda Hutchinson by Andrea Southwell
28. WTF Peters Esq. by Agnes Foy
29. Mrs Brullen’s Ear by Christine Ewer
30. Mr Common Sense by David Holt
31. Lorna Tramples by Lisa Chudley
32. The Fly Tipper by John Carter
33. The worst of times by Sylvia Pereira
34. Mr Bumble by Eric Midwinter
35. Dombey and Burns by Steve Kimber
36. Kent by Mary Egan

Volume Four.

37. Derek Asp by James Riding
38. Fake News by John Bronsdon
39. Lord Bercow of Snidebottom by Rob Hubble
40. Mrs Staymery by Cara Bills
41. World Leader by Richard Morris
42. Whitley by Michael Fleming
43. Sylvia Woodward by Laura Tapper
44. JW Marceau by Frederick O’Brien
45. Man with a painted mask by Diane Horn
46. Kyle by Christopher Swain
47. Daniel Twitcher, pop star demigod by Chris Owen
48. Skip Telfon by Chris Davies

Volume Five.

49. Charlotte-Anne Mounteback by Julia Thorley
50 Mrs Bugloss by Patricia Lesley
51. Alexander Kerfuffle by Peter Herron
52. Bloncket Drabstone by Dennis Bruce
53. Justin Harmway by Aymeric Fromentin
54. Beatrice Ramsbottom by Sarah Treweeks
55. Atlas Dissect by Wilma Cairns
56. Gabriel Roy by Fiona Quinn
57. Franklin Swatteridge by Mark Burrows
58. Terry Crouch by Diane Silva
59. Barbara Copeland by David Whewell
60. The Postman by Linda Allen

Volume Six.

61. Marjorie Butterworth by Maxine Burton
62. Jonah Bombast by Deborah Rhodes
63. Desmond Goodbody by William MacKenzie
64. Daisy-Lou Belle by Valerie Reilly
65. Jed Thorogood by Pauline Short
66. Technology Teacher by Lucinda Craker
67. The Aerialist by Ramy J Salameh
68. Phineas Glebethrostle by Mark Bryant
69. Harry Harbottle by Nick Fletcher
70. The Martin Twins by Efrosyni Hobbs
71. We’ll meet again by Judy Chapman
72. Mr Tinks by Sue Dobson

Volume Seven.

73. Sam Speedwell by Denise Lawrence
74. Miss Marigold Price by Peter Sergison
75. Miss Brown by Imogen Grubin
76. Professor Whitty by Roy Jamieson
77. George Smith by Sandra McKay
78. Mary by Marie Day
79. Miss Nigella by Janine Beacham
80. Royston Alexander Mail by David Matthews
81. Miss Thunder by Jed Sheerin
82. Peregrine Primrose by Diane Manning
83. Qwerty Ken by Cullen Warnock
84. Constance by Lyn Walsh

Volume Eight.

85. Annie Crawford by Jodie Portugal
86. Lionel Grosser by Gerald Vinestock
87. Tom by Ellie Welbourn
88. Arthur Winter by Luna Barnard
89. Trevor by Ciaran O’Brien
90. Frederick Arthur Fleetfoot by Barbara Parsons
91. BoJo by Jack Lamb
92. Peter Gill by Carolyn Crompton
93. Mrs Digby by Helen Reed
94. Kylie by Helen Steventon
95. Auntie Betty by Ellen Clavier
96. Billy Revel by Carol Fletcher

Volume Nine.

97. Michael O’Graball by Alan Castree
98. Duggie Tover by Linda Penter
99. Toper by Fraser Massey
100. Papa P by Jacqueline King
101. Jemina Jones by Gill King
102. Miss Molly Pinch by Sarah Warnock
103. Kimberley Bigginsbottom by Karen Riva-Palicio
104. Daniel Dabbler by Natasha Anne Kelleher
105. Cake Heaven by Barbara Trigg
106. The Dickensian by Alan Ford
107. Charity Bravinder by Leila Wilcox
108. Kat by Sandra Clayton

Volume Ten.

109. Augustus Flint by Melanie Doherty
110. Mr Barnard by Greg Hall
111. Jim Bedlamson by Madalina Serban
112. Priscilla Godmersham OBE by Rachael Revesz
113. Zeke by Graham Day
114. Sam Geekinson by Alina Lazar
115. Mr A Perkins by Amy Yallop
116. The Politician by Sona Popat
117. Janus Trueblood by Iris Newton
118. Caspar Cruft by Catherine Parker
119. Antiboz by Colin Wood
120. The Fitness Instructor by Moira Ashley

Volume Eleven.

121. Polly by Richard Clarke
122 Mrs. Shrewditch by Rufaro Chikwanda
123. Mrs Blunden by Jane Fahy
124. Sebastian Bark by Colin Chattenton
125. April Whiskey by Bryan Rhône
126. Ms Doppelt by Rachel Cunningham
127. D by Alice Dunn
128. Mr Comego by Nancy Rae
129. Miss Benson by Angela Wren
130. Diminuby Butterstride by Daisy Dunn
131. Andy Appgood by Stuart Fortey
132. William Connolly Jr. by Edith Robson

Volume Twelve.

133, Daisy Lou Somerville by Karen Bucknall
134. Gerald by Jenny Goodwin
135. Rainbow Boy by Jan Hughes
136. Velma by Sylvie Lewis
137. Julian Murchison by Katharine Shearing
138. Selwyn Slimber by Jean Salkilld
139. Tommy Taverner by Christina Westwood
140. Miss Smallbone by Jen Dalmaine
141. Miss Sox by Susan Wickham
142. Indigo Jones by Oda Lisa
143. Miss Julie by Benita Cullingford.
144. Our Chessie by Ginette Barber.

Volume Twelve and a half…

145.Mr Speaker by Sue Krisman
146. Martha Penny by Tesni Penney
147.  Barzilla Gabbage by Anne Lawson
148.Belinda Goshawk by Helena Young
149.Miss Greer McGregor by Kirsty Mceachran
150. The Hospital porter by Liz Hannam

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