British Journalism Awards’ third Public Service Award supported by the Journalists’ Charity

16 December, 2022

Hundreds of journalists working for UK media who risked their lives by travelling to the warzone of Ukraine this year were recognised with the British Journalism Awards’ third Public Service Award held in partnership with the Journalists’ Charity ( December 15, 2022)

The special recognition award was accepted on behalf of the British war reporting corps by Olga Malchevska, the BBC News Ukraine presenter who was live on-air in February when she first saw images of her childhood home in Kyiv after it had been destroyed by a bomb.

If you ever need a reminder that what we do matters, and that it makes a difference, take a look at the extraordinary speech made by BBC Ukraine presenter Olga Malchevska at last night’s British Journalism Awards.

She spoke as we presented a special public service prize to the 100+ journalists who have risked their lives reporting from Ukraine this year.

Eight journalists have died covering the conflict. Sky’s Stuart Ramsay was wounded and fortunate to escape with his life after his crew were targeted by a Russian attack.

Our Ukraine correspondents have given a voice to innocent victims of a great evil and also done more than anything else to raise the reputation of our much derided profession. Thank you.

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